Head of the Laboratory:

Professor Kozlov Victor Vladimirovich


The staff of the laboratory

Main theme:

Origin of turbulence in subsonic shear flows.

Basic scientific directions of last 15 years are:

1. Experimental investigation of origin and development of disturbances in two- and three-dimensional boundary layers;
2. Investigation of localized vortex structures in transitional shear flows;
3. Experimental investigation of coherent structures in turbulent shear flows;
4. Investigation of flow topology and disturbance development in separated flows;
5. Problems of shear flow control.

To carry out the investigation the following has been designed and created:
a) methods of control disturbance excitation in shear flows;
b) computer system of sampling and processing of hot-wire measurements;
c) a variety of visualization techniques.

Main laboratory results are:

1. Discovering of a new (subharmonic) type of the transition to turbulence in a boundary layer;
2. New concept of laminar-turbulent transition at high free stream disturbance level was proposed;
3. Strong influence of eigen small amplitude disturbances on flow structure in laminar separation was found and described;
4. A method of laminar-turbulent transition control by riblets was developed.

The last results were published in