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Tomography Soft

  • Topas-Micro
    Solver for plasma and gas flows tomography problems.
  • SNARK93
    A programming system for 2-D image reconstruction from projections for the UNIX/Sun environment
    Programs for the Evaluation of 3D PET Reconstruction Algorithms
    Medical Image Processing Group,
    Department of Radiology,
    University of Pennsylvania


  • Herman G.T.
    Image reconstruction from projections: The fundamentals of computerized tomography. -New York: Academic Press, 1980. -316 p.
  • Natterer F., Wuebbeling F.
    Mathematical Methods in Image Reconstruction. -Philadelphia: SIAM, 2001. -216 p.
  • Natterer F.
    The mathematics of computerized tomography. -Stuttgart: Wiley, 1986. -222 p.
  • Kak A.C., Slaney M. Principles of computerized tomographic imaging. -New York: IEEE Press, 1988. -329 p.

  • Willi A Kalender
    Computed Tomography.
    Munich: Publicis MCD Verlag
    220 pp plus CD-ROM 2000 Price $55.00
    ISBN 3 89578 081 2 (hbk)
    [ Copy of review from:
    Meas. Sci. Technol. vol.12, No 9 (September 2001) p.1610 ]

Bibliographic databeses on tomography and other problems in the scientific social networks:
CiteULike [more than 1000 records and links],
Connotea (Nature Publ. Group),
BibSonomy (University of Kassel, Germany), (Thomson Scientific),
2Collab (Elsevier)



Scientific Visualization

  • Fortner Software (now Research Systems)
      NOeSYS: Programs of visualization:
    • T3D - three-dimensional arrays;
      With T3D you can:
      • Render and manipulate 3D volume data
      • Import a series of 2D slices to create a volume
      • Create data volume renderings
      • Create slices of data
      • Render slices, isosurfaces and volumes together
      • Create cutouts of isosurfaces of volumes
      • Vary the opacity of slices, isosurfaces or volumes
      • Create animations from T3D images
      • Save data volumes as HDF or binary
      • Store image settings in "view" files
    • Transform - two-dimensional;
      With Transform you can:
      • Import a variety of data and image file formats
      • Export data as HDF, text or binary
      • Create simple and interpolated images from 2D data
      • Choose from over 20 built in color palettes
      • Create contour plots, surface plots (3D real-time rotation and resizing), vector plots, histogram plots
        (Windows only), polar plots (Mac only)
      • Manipulate data and automate processes using the macro language
      • Create animations from Transform images
      • Overlay vector and contour plots onto images to create composite plots
    • Plot - one-dimensional.
      Plot has an intuitive GUI that makes generating line plots, color scatter plots, parametric plots, and double-Y plots a matter of simply selecting the plot you want from a gallery and choosing the columns to plot. Graphs may also be "built" by selecting X-Y plot pairs and assigning attributes to each pair, making it easier to build complex graphs while maintaining a tight connection to the source data.
  • Compaq Array Viewer
    The Compaq Array Visualizer is a software tool, included with Compaq Visual Fortran Professional and Enterprise editions, that lets you view and analyze array data graphically. The Array Visualizer's advanced data visualization techniques enable you to discover hidden patterns in large multidimensional arrays.
  • 3DVIEWNIX A data-, machine-, and application independent software system
    for the visualization and analysis of multidimensional images.
    Medical Image Processing Group,
    Department of Radiology,
    University of Pennsylvania


  • An Introduction to Ray Tracing.
    (Ed. A.S.Glassner.)
    -N.Y.: Academic Press, 1989. -329 p.
    ISBN 0-12-286160-4
  • Wells D., Young C.
    Ray Tracing Creations. Generate 3-D Photorealistic Images on the PC.
    -Corte Madera: Waite Group Press, 1993. -573 p.
    ISBN 1-878739-27-1




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