Updated: 13 May 1997

Visualization of 3D Laplace image:
Method of projections (MOP)

Model No. 62

Collection of two choosen best movies
How to choose visualization method?
See collection of all prepared here movies (223 Kb)
Compare these images with usual pseudoprojections
of the same reconstracted 3D image.

There are 20 projections for each 3D Laplacian image (3DLi), with equatorial scheme for observing, from Phi=00, with step equals to 180, so as 21st view should be 3600 or equally 00.

Here we show visualizations of projections aimed to choose parameters of projections' calculations and of visualization itself for better quality.
m62a001.gif A
First frame of the color movie (33Kb) for exact model
m62a201.gif D
First frame of the gray movie (19Kb) for this model (negative, lsign=1)
m62a301.gif G
First frame of the gray movie (19Kb) for this model, inverted palette (positive, lsign=0);
m62a006.gif B
6th frame of it
m62a206.gif E
6th frame
m62a306.gif H
6th frame
m62a007.gif C
7th frame
m62a207.gif F
7th frame
m62a307.gif I
7th frame
Fig. 1
Laplacian of exact phantom No.62

Choosing of the palette: positive (case G) is the best choise (lsign=0);
(here Lzer=2, so the image is a projection of Laplacian's module);

Laplacian for reconstracted tomogram

All next images are for one 3D reconstruction: s62p41c.dat, i.e. scheme "cross"-80, method (b) (see LAT-3 page).
s2c1nd06.gif A
movie s62c1nd (33Kb) (ordinary Laplasian, Lzer3=0, global scale); other cases: local scale (gray)(14Kb), global scale (13Kb), inverted palette (13Kb),
s2c2nc06.gif B
movie s62c2nc (18Kb) (only positive part, Lzer3=1); also two other palettes: na (37Kb) and nb (36Kb);
s2c3na06.gif C
gray movie s62c3na (18Kb) (both parts - module, Lzer3=2);
s2c3nb06.gif D
color movie s62c3nb (37Kb) (both parts - module, Lzer3=2);
Fig. 2
Laplacian of reconstructed tomogram for phantom No.62

Changes of Lzer parameter; the best choise seems to be Lzer=2, projection for module of Laplacian;

s2c3na01.gif s2c3na06.gif
m62a301.gif m62a306.gif
Fig. 3
Comparision of Laplacians for reconstructed (upper row, Fig.2C) and exact (lower row, Fig.1G,H) tomograms

Collection of two movies

See also description of Phantom No.62 and other reconstructions.

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