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1.   Донин В.И., Иванов В.А., Пикалов В.В., Яковин Д.В.  
Пространственная структура нижней моды ионно-звуковой неустойчивости плазмы сильноточного ионного лазера.
// ЖТФ. (Full text, Server) -2003. -Т.73.   No.2. -С. 71-74.
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2.   Kuznetsov V.A., Pickalov V.V.  
Stochastic mechanisms of evolution: The number of domain-to-protein links predicts the number of genes in genomes.
// Currents in Computational Molecular Biology (Eds. R. Spang, P. Beziat, M.Vingron) / Proceedings of the Seventh Annual International Conference on Computational Molecular Biology (RECOMB-2003), April 10-13, 2003, Berlin. -New York: ACM Press, 2003. -P. 159-160.
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3.   Лихачев А.В.  
Измерение скорости в одномерном стационарном потоке методами эмиссионной томографии.
// ПМТФ. -2003. -Т.44.   No.2. -С. 83-91.
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4.   Donin V.I., Ivanov V.A., Pikalov V.V., Yakovin D.V.  
Spatial structure of the lower mode of ion-acoustic instability in the plasma of a high-current ion laser.
// Technical Physics. (Full text, Server, 0.093 Mb) -2003. -Vol.48.   No.2. -P. 205-208.
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5.   Zapryagaev V., Pickalov V., Kiselev N., Nepomnyashchiy A.  
Combination interaction of Taylor-Goertler vortices in curved shear layer of supersonic jet.
// Non-linear dynamics in fluids (Eds. F.Marques and A.Messequir) / Proceedings of the 13th International Couette Taylor Workshop, Barcelona, Spain, July 3-5, 2003. (Full text, Server, 2.1 Mb) -Barcelona: UPC, 2003. -P. 213-216.
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6.   Пикалов В.В., Непомнящий А.В.  
Итерационный алгоритм с вэйвлет-фильтрацией в задаче двумерной томографии.
// Вычислительные методы и программирование. (Full text, Server, 0.291 Mb) -2003. -Т.4.     No.2. -С. 75-84.
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7.   Donin V.I., Ivanov V.A., Pickalov V.V., Yakovin D.V.  
The spatial structure of the lowest ion-acoustic instability modes in the high-current discharge of CW argon ion lasers.
// J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. (Full text, Server, 0.37 Mb) -2003. -Vol.36.   No.19. -P. 2366-2371.
Citations (ISI,РИНЦ, Total, Real): 0,0,1,1
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8.   Likhachov A.V., Pickalov V.V., Ewert U., Redmer B.  
Resolution enhancement in computerized tomography by deconvolution methods.
// Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop "NDT in Progress". International Meeting of NDT Experts, October 6-8, 2003, Prague. -Brno: Brno Univ. Technol., 2003. -P. 137-150.
Citations (ISI,РИНЦ, Total, Real): 0,0,1,0
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9.   Redmer B., Ewert U., Radel Ch., Likhachov A.V., Vengrinovich V., Solotarev S.  
Planar tomography under limited view conditions for crack detection in austenitic welds.
// Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop "NDT in Progress". International Meeting of NDT Experts, October 6-8, 2003, Prague. -Brno: Brno Univ. Technol., 2003. -P. 321.
10.   Redmer B., Weise F., Ewert U., Likhatchev A.  
Location of reinforcement in structures by different methods of gamma-radiography.
// Proceedings of the International Symposium Non-Destructive Testing in Civil Engineering, Berlin, September 16-19, 2003. -No.v020. -Berlin: BAM, 2003. -P. 1-6.
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11.   Pickalov V.V.  
Electronic informational resources of ITAM for tomography and bioinformatics: Mathematical and bibliographic maintenance.
// Proceedings of the VIII International Conference "Electronic Publications El-Pub2003", October 8-10, 2003, Novosibirsk, Russia. (Full text, Server, 0.078 Mb) -No.6207. -Novosibirsk: ICT, 2003. -P. 1-3.
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12.   Likhachev A.V.  
Velocity measurements in a one-dimensional steady flow by methods of emission tomography.
// J. Appl. Mech. Techn. Phys. -2003. -Vol.44.   No.2. -P. 221-227.
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