Updated: 12 March, 1999

CTG: Conferences and seminars - 1997 year

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  1. 13 November 1997
    ITAM SB RAS, Novosibirsk
    Seminar of Prof. A.Maslov
    • Pickalov V.V.
      Introduction to wavelet analysis
  2. 1 October 1997
    Seminar of FOM Institute for Plasma Physics
    Rijnhuizen, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands
      Pickalov V.V.
      Three-dimensional iterative algorithms of tomography
  3. 9 September 1997
    12th International Conference on Gas Discharges and their Applications.
    (8-12 Sept 1997, Greifswald, Germany)
      Likhachov A.V, Pickalov V.V.
      New algorithm of the emission 3D-tomography for optically thick plasma
  4. 26 August 1997
    3rd International Workshop
    "Thermal Plasma Torches and Technologies"
    (25-31 August 1997, Novosibirsk, Russia)

    Program of workshop

    • Invited: V.V.Pickalov.
      Achievements of plasma tomography

  5. 9 July 1997
    ITAM RAS, Novosibirsk
    Seminar of Prof. A.Maslov
    • A.Likhachov
      Tomography problems of gasdynamics structures in hypersonic flows

  6. 3 July 1997
    ITAM RAS, Novosibirsk
    Seminar of Prof. A.Maslov
    • N.V.Chugunova
      Tomography with wide apertures

  7. 25-27 June 1997
    IV Conference "Optical methods of flows research"
    Moscow, Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University)
    • (Invited) V.V.Pickalov
      Optical tomography of gas and plasma flows
      (Abstract, in Russian (KOI8), LaTeX, HTML )
    • V.V.Pickalov, N.V.Chugunova
      Algebraic algorithms of optical tomography for wide apertures
      (Abstract, in Russian (KOI8), LaTeX, HTML)
    • A.V.Likhachov, V.V.Pickalov
      Limited angle tomographical diagnostics of gas flows
      (Abstract, in Russian (KOI8), LaTeX, HTML)
    • A.V.Likhachov, V.V.Pickalov
      Three-dimensional emission tomography of jets with absorption
      (Abstract, in Russian (KOI8), LaTeX ,HTML)

  8. 22 April 1997
    Third edition of the International Workshop
    "Microwave Discharges: Fundamentals and Applications"
    The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud, France, 20-25 April 1997

  9. 28 January 1997
    Computing Centre SB RAS, Novosibirsk
    (Scientific Council, Chair Prof. A.S.Alekseev)
      Methods and algorithms of gas and plasma tomography