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Khristianovich Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics SB RAS


Publictions and inventory activities

The Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics SB RAS is a co-founder of several scientific journals:

Patent Office

The Institute is developing new equipment and science-consuming technology and ensures their legal protection. The results of the creative intellectual activity of the workers of the Institute are patented in Russia and abroad.

Devices and methods of application of powder coatings by the cold gas dynamic spraying are protected by a number of patents.

There are several inventions that refer to the aerodynamic experiment technology and are used for model testing: "Aerodynamic test facility", "Hot-shot wind tunnel", "Simulator of propulsion of the supersonic flying vehicle model", "Device for studying the aerodynamic interference between the model and the shield".

Some inventions are devoted to the development of temperature-sensitive coatings on the basis of cholesteric liquid crystals for nonintrusive me- thods of control in various fields of science.

The patents in the field of aircraft technology and engine building are "Scramjet and its operation", "Method of laminarization of the boundary layer on an airfoil and a device for its implementation", "Method for acting upon a supersonic flow", and "Method of flow stalling control".

Some patents have an applied general-purpose character and can be used in machine building or agriculture: "Method and device for acoustic drying of capillary-porous granular materials", "Device for wood drying", "Electrotechnical joint", "Device for gas purification", "Optical dustmeter", "Wind turbine and method of its operation", and "Gas laser".

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