Destination:The technology of helium recovery from natural gas at gas fields poor in helium was elaborated.

Characteristic: Recovering helium from natural gas is based on the property of selective permeability of microspheres (cenospheres) relative to light gases. The microspheres placed into the flow of the natural gas absorb helium; the other gases remain in the flow. The technology suggested allows recovering helium simultaneously with drying the natural gas by the means of application of composite sorbent containing the microspheres or cenospheres and pseudo-boehmite.

Technical-economical advantages:

- low energy consumption and capital intensity in comparison with cryogen technology;

- possibility to incorporate the technology into the existing process of natural gas recovering;

- high hydrostatic durability of microspheres relative to high pressures;

- obtaining helium concentrate with helium content up to 98% (helium content depends on parameters of the compressors used);

- using the composite sorbent allows simultaneous helium recovering and natural gas drying;

- technology is resistant to polluted flows.

3D model of the plant for helium recovering from natural gasComposite sorbent
3D model of the plant for helium recovering from natural gas Composite sorbent

The technology for obtaining the composite sorbent is elaborated by the ITAM SB RAS in collaboration with the IHCP SB RAS and ICCT SB RAS.

The elaboration is registered in the Russian Federation.

Commercial offer: organizing common science-technical researches, investment contract for elaboration commercialization (production organization), elaborating the technology according to the client conditions.

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