Basic Research Activities

  • Interphase energy and mass transfer in dust-laden plasma flows.
  • Superfast quenching of melted microdroplet impacting on the substrate.
  • Methods of diagnostics of dusted plasma flows.
  • New generation of plasma equipment for powder coatings deposition.
  • Technologies of plasma spraying of powder coatings (wear-resistant, hydroabrasive-resistant, cavitation-resistant, thermal barrier, catalytic, biomedical, etc.).
  • Computer design and optimization of plasma spray technology.

The Main Results Of Investigations: equilibrium solidification of melted microdroplets impacting on the substrate.

    Theory and modeling experiment.

  • A new theory has been developed and a series of modeling experi- ments has been performed on 'melted metallic droplet - substrate' interaction under complete control of key physical parameters: velocity, temperature and size of particles; temperature of polished substrate. A criterial generalization of data that characterize the thickness of particles solidified on the substrate was performed.

    New method of disperse component diagnostics in dusty plasma jets.

  • A new laser-optical diagnostic method that allows simultaneous in-situ measurement of the vector of velocity, temperature and size of a single particle in heterogeneous plasma jets with a record- beating accuracy and speed of response has been developed.
Fig.1. Theoretical generalization of experimental results on splat thick- ness; the dashed line is the best known approximation.
Fig.2. Principal diagram of the laser-optical complex.

Scientific Contacts

  • RUSSIA: Baikov Institute of Metallurgy RAS (Moscow); Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science SB RAS (Tomsk); Boreskov Institute of Catalysis SB RAS (Novosibirsk);
  • JAPAN: Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University; University of Fluid Science, Tohoku University (Sendai);
  • FINLAND: Tampere University of Technology;
  • CHINA: Beijing Institute of Aviation Technology.

Head of the Laboratory Prof. Solonenko Oleg Pavlovich

Head of the Laboratory

Prof. Solonenko Oleg Pavlovich

tel.: (383) 330-16-42

fax: (383) 330-72-68