Basic Research Activities

    Hypersonic aerodynamics.

  • External aerodynamics and thermodynamics of hypersonic flying vehicles.

    Internal flows.

  • Aerodynamics of hypersonic inlets. Internal flows with combustion.

    Inviscid flows.

  • Spatial supersonic nonuniform flow around various bodies.

    Viscous flows.

  • Spatial turbulent boundary layer. Viscous shock layer at hypersonic speeds. Hypersonic viscous flows in channels. Stability and receptivity of hypersonic boundary and shock layers.

    Computational tomography.

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  • Emission tomography of plasma. Electron-beam tomography of hypersonic rarefied flows. Tomographic testing of production prototypes. Optical microtomography of biological objects.

Scientific Contacts

  • RUSSIA: CIAM (Moscow); TsAGI, Moscow Physico-Technical Institute (Moscow region),
  • FRANCE: ONERA-CERT, Department of Aerothermodynamics, Aerospatiale;
  • USA: BOEING, ROCKETDYNE Department, Rockwell, NASA;
  • THE NETHERLANDS: Technical University, Department of High-Speed Aerodynamics (Delft);
  • GERMANY: Institute of Aerodynamics RWTH (Aachen), DRL Institute of Fluid Mechanics (Goettingen).

Head of the Laboratory Prof. Maslov Anatoly Alexandrovich

Head of the Laboratory

Prof. Maslov Anatoly Alexandrovich

tel.: (383) 330-38-80

fax: (383) 330-72-68