The study of the origin of turbulence and determinate structures in supersonic boundary layer flows.

Basic Research Activities

Theoretical and experimental study of nonlinear evolution of disturbances in supersonic boundary layer.

A nonlinear asymmetric resonance wave triplet in the boundary has been found and studied for M=2.0. The asymmetry is connected with the predominance of an oblique wave of harmonic pumping. The detuning of resonance in the main flow parameters is small.

Theoretical and experimental study of excitation of disturbances in the boundary layer on a flat plate by an external acoustic field, the problem of receptivity of supersonic boundary layer to unsteady external actions.

The greatest effect of excitation of disturbances in the boundary layer is observed for oblique acoustic waves, which are oblique with respect to the leading edge of the model and whose wave vectors are parallel to the model surface (longitudinal acoustic waves).

The study of three-dimensional boundary layer.

Periodic unsteady structures along the leading edge of a swept wing have been found.

The study of unsteady phenomena in jets and wakes, microstuctures of disturbances in subsonic boundary layer.

The results obtained can be used for obtaining a flow with prescribed properties (for decreasing the drag and heat flux on the surfaces of flying vehicles).

Scientific Contacts

  • RUSSIA: TsAGI, Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (Moscow region);
  • GERMANY: Stuttgart University.

Head of the Laboratory

Kosinov Alexander Dmitrievich

tel.: (383) 330-12-28